Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An ideal SEO Process Should Follow By A SEO Company

Google ranking factors are changing quite often but the seo process has remained same. The process what we follow here may help to your company to effectively optimize the website. In this post I will briefly explain the process one should follow and in coming post I will provide in depth information on each step.

Traffic and Ranking Report

 Whether seo consultant working for company or for a client search engine performance report should be prepared and also traffic report- either with google analytics or else with free tools. Before running seo campaign these reports help the current status of website therefore client or company can hold SEO consultant accountable regarding the performance.

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Competitive Research 

 Keyword research and competitive analysis set the tone of seo campaign. Take ample of time to do research particularly on keywords. Discuss with clients before finalizing the set of keywords that going to be optimized. Online competitor websites reveal the targeted keywords and links they are getting.

  Onsite SEO

 All the meta tags and technical issues will be fixed in this process. Site architecture, accessibility of content, content optimization, image optimization, call to actions, form pages, google analytivs integration are some of the elements will be taken care in on page seo.

  Link Building

 Sit with linkbuilders and discuss on the link prospects. Get the backlinks that are authorative, relevant and also from high popularity website. With the above process SEO campaign will be incomplete with reporting, monitoring the ranking. Based on the mothly reports our strategies will change accordingly.

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Call us for FREE SEO audit +91 8494983557 or email us info at
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