Thursday, March 6, 2014

Are You a PPC Expert? Then You Should be Using These Advanced PPC Tactics

Apply On-Page SEO Best Practices to The Landing Page Where You Drive Your PPC Traffic

The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest possible AdWords Quality Score, as it is extremely important to an ad campaign. Although it officially exists to ensure that users are only served ads that are relevant to their search queries, it also plays a role in your ad’s position in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and in determining the costs your campaign is charged for keyword clicks. The higher your ad’s Quality Score, the more visible your ad, and the farther your budget will reach. The most successful PPC professionals also look at the on-page SEO elements of that target landing page. Optimizing the landing page using the same keywords used in the ad and the ad group will help AdWords recognize the relevancy of your page, improving your Quality Score.


Focus on High Value Keywords
Most AdWords groups use multiple keywords, sometimes hundreds of them. If you have a really high-level keyword, though, dedicate an entire group to it. No long-tail keywords, no similar keywords, just that one individual term. This tactic allows you to perfectly align the ad copy to the keyword, which will help improve your ad’s performance. Furthermore, dedicating an ad group to that keyword allows you to monitor its performance from the ad group level, giving you a deeper insight into that term’s success.
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