Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Google Penguin Web Spam Update - 3 Onpage Tips to Recover

Now that Google is sending its two Heroes Panda3.5 and Penguin to remove the poor quality content and less valuable website from search engine. The changes in website are inevitable. Penguin algorithm came at a time big websites are facing the duplicate content issue in their website. The more versions of panda released the less search traffic got for panda hit websites.

Adding salt to these wounds, Penguin is penalizing for web spam and keyword stuffed websites. The road to traffic recovery is hard. And regaining the lost paradise of Google rankings is much difficult. In this grim situation don’t hit panic button and jump to any quick conclusion.

For next 3 to 4 days check the rankings and analyze the traffic of website. Disappearance of rankings and lost traffic may occur due to two reasons. One, Penguin update or Two, Panda 3.5 update. I won’t give you any SEO magic wand to your rescue. There are no new instructions to follow. What the intention behind this post is make you remember the Google guidelines that forgotten in the quest of rankings.

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Avoid high frequency of same keywords in Title and Description Tag

As I said this is not new to everyone. Make title tag and description meaningful and readable. Penguin hates too many same keywords in 90 characters of title tag and 150 characters of description.

Don’t stuff keywords in Header and Footer

Three years ago, a trend started in on page optimization. It was common to see the keywords of small font size with hyperlink to home page above or beside the logo. And who can forget the footer getting abused. Plethora of keywords completely occupied the footer of website. For a minute, stare the layout of the website. Do you remember the website designed without SEO elements involved in it? Please ask the first psd file of home page from web designer. See now how the website is, in the name of off page optimization. It’s completely filled with the keywords. Remove all the unnecessary keywords and bring back the beautiful website what it was once. Make user friendly and offer better user experience to visitors.

Change the writing style

Keywords, Keywords Everywhere No Information to Read. Are we writing for visitors or for Google? While writing keyword rich content we forgot for whom we are writing. We trained writers to create content primarily for Google. SEO team started editing the content. And coercively added the keywords at the start of paragraph, center of the body and ended lot of keywords in summary. Redo the content. Remove unnecessary two phrase keywords, three phrase keywords from the content.

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