Thursday, June 7, 2012

Google Official Guidlines for Mobile SEO

The latest advice to build mobile seo friendly websites announced at Search Marketing Expo in Seattle by Google certainly good news for seo industry. Until recently, Google was num on best seo practices for mobile and not proactive enough recommending the standards to follow in their blog.

 The rise of smart phones, reaching more than 100 million users in United States alone, is a sure sign of future access for information is through mobile searches in comparison with desktops and laptops.

Google highly recommends responsive web design. Instead of coming up multiple pages and websites for different mobile devices Google advices a single page with compatibility for all the devices. This helps smart phone Googlebot-Mobile work easy to crawl and index the content. If not possible Google suggests device-specific HTML.

Responsive Web Design for Mobile

Using a single url to display webpage irrespective of any browser, any screen resolution and any mobile devices with applying CSS rules to vary the presentation according to the requirements is called as responsive web design.

  • For optimizing webpages for smartphones in considering with Google algorithms, the advantages of having responsive design site are many.

  • Both Google bot and Googlebot-Mobile can efficiently crawl the website regularly.

  • As it is single url this can be easily shared by users.

  • No duplication Content and no redirection hassles for webmasters.

Device Specific HTML Design for Mobile

Feeling too technical to build responsive device? Google do suggest either dynamic serving configuration or separate mobile urls for mobile and desktop device. Use vary HTTP header to render pages for different user agents. Vary HTTP header helps Google to crawl mobile optimized content faster.

Google suggests proper redirects for desktop and mobile urls. Adding rel=”alternate” and rel=”canonical”tag on desktop and mobile page annotations respectively helps Google to understand the location of your site’s mobile pages.

The weight age of back links holds same for mobile seo.

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