Tuesday, June 12, 2012

39 More Google Update Signals

Again and again Google is pushing itself hard improving the results of search quires. Seems Google is no mood to relax for even a month.  From three months Google put its engineers into top gear along with web spam team at high speed making rapid changes.

Given 39 changes in a month that included penguin made search engine optimizers busy than ever. Now that, Changes are done the bar has set high for rankings. Let’s review these quality changes and come up hypothetical strategies. After implementation one can know how the strategy works.

Inorganic Back link Signals

Until recently, we thought penguin update include Unnatural link building detection. Google has set separate update that detects link schemes like blog networking for links, paid links, exchange links; And common spam techniques such as blog commenting with same content, article marketing - publishing same content with numerous article directories.

Hypothetical Strategy: Stop paid and exchange link schemes. Search guest bloggers belonged to your industry. Someone who loves publish the other thoughts and experience of his industry. Invite him to publish in your website. Ironically most of the blog networking platforms out there are solely for building links. But some platforms like myblogguest.com are truly helpful. Research before choosing the platforms.

Compressed Title Tag Based on Search Queries

Google truncates title tag if it is more than 65 characters. Only that keyword will be displayed which matches search query.

Hypothetical Strategy: Don’t you think this is a blessing in a disguise. Now you can write more descriptive title tag and we here at our team has already started experimenting. We have gone 10 steps ahead by writing a descriptive title tag of 100 characters. After some days we will be back with results.

Events & news included in organic results

Who said Press Release is dead. Just search Los Angeles Seo Company. PR news is coming in bottom. Hypothetical Strategy: Now I am not sure how many months this will prevail. Don’t surprise to see a huge spam of PR distribution for local search related queries. I am going for a optimized press release. Stay tuned for results

That’s it Folks. Out of 39 signals these three matters most for me. Let me sit and review all others once again to unleash any new hidden meaning. Till then Bye.
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