Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Evolution of Panda and its After Effects

When Panda was introduced to the United States of America on February 24th 2011, majority article directories and portal websites got it. Leave the list of winners and losers of panda update aside for a moment and look back the seo strategies followed by these websites in pre panda era.

Pre Panda Era

Demand sites and article directories are some of the websites where content was being updated one after another. More websites are being founded across the internet. With a number of websites in live, competition is intense among owners of the site over adsence share. And competition is furious between link builders over obtaining anchor text back links from resource box. 
At the time, user generated content production was high Google introduced a new web indexing system – Caffine, started to index new pages at an uncanny speed. But from the time of Caffine update, displaying relevant and quality content from blogs, news sites, forums, article directories became a challenge.

Post Panda Era

Today, most of the sky scraper websites seems not to be making a profit. Perhaps only sites like ehow, techrepublic and intiatimes have been able to keep its head above the rest. So what’s wrong with the panda hit websites or even the authoritive sites as Why is the panda not affecting the website like techrepublic? The SEOs, speaking in one voice on this, that it is the lack of quality content, bad user experience and duplicate content. 
See the other end of the bridge lies ezine articles, and For ezine articles, having duplicate content became a bane. Websites like has more to do with big ads on the above fold and poor listing of companies.
 The owners of these kinds of websites have taken stringent action to duplicate content malice, against the submitters. The recent changes in homepage had assured me that their over importance on banner ads and thin content be cleared over a period of time.

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