Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Google+ Local scores - How Google Determine Average Score

Google+ Local scores

All scores in Google+ Local are determined by user reviews.
Individual user ratings are based on a 0 to 3 point scale.
2Very Good
0Poor to Fair
We take these ratings, average them, and then multiply by ten to arrive at averaged scores.
26-30Extraordinary to perfection
21-25Very good to excellent
16-20Good to very good
11-15Fair to good
0-10Poor to fair
When you’re searching for locations in Google+ Local, you may see these scores depicted in two ways:
Scores with multiple aspects
These scores will show you several scores for different aspects of the business. For example, restaurants are scored across three areas--food, decor, and service--with food being the primary aspect.
Overall scores
When we don’t have enough user ratings on different aspects, we will just show an overall score. An overall score is comparable to a score in the primary aspect for a location, like food for restaurants.

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