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Monday, October 24, 2016

A Guide on How to Use XPath and Text Analysis to Pitch Content

In my day-to-day role at Builtvisible, I build tools to break down marketing challenges and simplify tasks. One of the things we as marketers often need to do is pitch content concepts to sites. To make this easier, you want to pitch something on-topic. To do that more effectively, I decided to spend some time creating a process to help in the ideation stage.
In the spirit of sharing, I thought I'd show you how that process was created and share it with you all.

Tell me what you write

The first challenge is making sure that your content will be on-topic. The starting point, therefore, needs to be creating a title that relates to the site's own recent content. Assuming the site has a blog or recent news area, you can use XPath to help with that.

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Bing SERP Showing Old Google Layout Now

If at all there is one search engine competing Google, then it is Bing powered by Microsoft. First time, Bing succeeds in drawing little attention by offering a clean layout.

By embracing a new look or old Google layout, it is sending strong statement that it is here to stay. With the new look one can read without distraction and space is more between the lines. The decision moving related searches from left navigation to below the sponsored listing is wise.

Lately I was disappointed seeing the layout of Google. Stuffed with many features; the timeline results from hour to year on particular keyword; offering various platforms like shopping, blogs, news; jammed with sponsored listings top and right; What Google once known for its simplicity now has a tight packed lay out. On one side, the left of webpage, features content drilldown by location, blog and timeline. The right side crammed with Sponsored listings.

And if you search for local keywords Google display results in a cluttered layout. But my complain is limited to layout and not results. Google is still giving the best relevant results and I have no intention to change the search engine.

However, Bing is not offering anything new. It’s following the footsteps of Google. Keeping the simple Google user friendly SERP won’t help Bing to drive the loyal customer base of Google. It has to give something which help visitors dramatically that they have never thought of. May be on the lines of Apple.

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